GroupManager and EssentialsX

Can some1 help me how can I get those plugins for Sponge 10.0.2. EssentialsX and EssentialsGroupManager. I used them on my old server. And now I updated to Sponge and I cant find them. ty

A replacement for EssentialsX can be found in the form of Nucleus, and as for GroupManager, there isn’t a specific replacement, but there are several permissions plugins already created, like PermissionsEx

You are best off choosing LuckPerms for permissions or for a simple server use PermissionsManager as they are the most updated, active, bug-free and feature complete Sponge Permissions plugins

Hands down on Luck perms. Pex hasn’t been on great on sponge as it was on bukkit. and PermissionsManager is pretty easy to use with the in game GUI if you are looking for a gm replacement. But LP is my go-to suggestion and has pretty good database support, not sure if that has gotten better in PM yet.

also Nucleus is definitely the way to go if you want a full “esssentials” replacement. It’s as close to essentials as you get, with better modularization. There is also EssentialCmds but meh I wouldn’t recommend it personally.