GTA Plugin | GTA fully implemented into Minecraft!

Hello everything!

Once Sponge is released, I’m going to start a GTA plugin. This plugin will mostly be based on the GTA 3 Era, as that is my favorite one. :3 It may include things from the more recent games, like different guns and whatnot, but will primarily center around GTA 3 & GTA San Andreas. (Vice City I’ve never played :\ )

These are just plans! :page_facing_up:
These are not final whatsoever, so they may (obviously) change!

Cars :car:
Cars will be Minecarts, as those seem a lot better than horses. Using the Title API, there could be popups about the car’s speed ‘n’ stuff.

You will not need to hold a steering wheel, just use WASD. I want players to be able to shoot out of cars, so they can have road (rage) battles. Might not limit it to only SMGs, because that’s kinda unfair. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guns :gun:
I don’t want a ton of different guns, as that can get confusing to players that just want to shoot stuff, but I do want a lot of different options for guns, like SMGs & Pistols… Just know variation won’t be a key part of it.

No idea! Suggestions?
I’m thinking left-click reloads?


  • Pistol: Shots fired every 750 milliseconds.
  • Silencer: Shots fired every 650 milliseconds. Player won’t know they’re being damaged?

Grenades will be right-clicked, and an item entity will be thrown out, depending on the pitch of the player. After a certain amount of time, they will explode. Explosion time is a little random?

Rocket Launchers
Right-click a rocket launcher & an entity will go flying in the direction you’re looking. Any cars or people will be completely destroyed.

NPCs :information_desk_person:
NPCs will range from villagers to spiders, all of them wanting different things and being in different gangs.

Missions :airplane:
It will have a simple RPG-like mission system. Has been done plenty of times in other plugins. Player will have to talk to NPCs to do missions for money. No story line will be present, as it is a sandbox game.

Go ahead and post your suggestions below! Once Sponge is released, I will update this post with progress bars of what’s done. The entire thing will be on GitHub if you want to see it’s coding progress.

I would make it mod instead of a Plugin.
Mods can add new (gun) items, projectiles, a different view perspective, a new kind of map generator or dimension and a lot of other stuff.

Using the title API to display the speed is also a bad idea, because it’s right in the middle of the screen. Also, gta did never display the speed.


I played on a server similar to what you are describing, it sucked pretty bad, if you could make a plugin that works better that would be awesome.

In the corner of the screen, it displays the car’s name when you get in. I could make that a subtitle, and have the main title blank.

Mods can do all that, but I’d rather make it a plugin, as more people could play it. Guns, projectiles, & map generation are all pretty easy for plugins, not sure how easy it will be in the Sponge API though.

I’ll try my best. :smiley:

Hopefully 1.8 will allow us to send textures for items. Than you can make this plugin even nicer :smiley:.

There was a plugin for dynamic texture changing in minecraft for bukkit… it was soooo useful to my zombie apocalypse server. The problem was making sure they could download the pack.

If you can pull it off and make it work, who cares if it’s a plugin or a mod. Good luck with this :slight_smile:

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The title api can be smaller…
The plugin I use if you do a tag, it uses the text under neath so you can use…

  1. Large
  2. Small
  3. Both

I don’t like playing gta, but how far have you done this! :relieved:

Pretty cool ideas.

Fun ideas, I’d love to see this accomplished properly.

Something new about that?

Ambitious project that seems like it didn’t happen.