GTS Plugin Error

Hello, I am using the sponge forge plugin “GTS”. I have everything that I was supposed to install for it to work, installed everything, restarted my server twice. It appears that GTS is correctly installed through console, and the /plugins in game command. However, when I try almost any of the commands associated with the GTS, I get no reaction by the plugin. The only ones that seem to work properly are: GTS admin, GTS ignore. The command GTS help responds to me, however, where it is supposed to list the commands it is blank. I would really appreciate a fast response, I am supposed to have this server fully functional by a deadline. I have uploaded screenshots of the errors for your convenience. I, sadly, am not able to upload the reactions to the command since I am a new user and only may upload one image.
EDIT: Sponge is not letting me reply to anything or start a new topic, so I’ll say it all here.
yepidoodles: Yes, this plugin can be found here: GTS - A Sponge focused marketing plugin
Pie_Flavor: GTS, Impactor, Nucleus. Soon to add an antigrief plugin and LuckPerms.
NickImpact: Alright, I understand. I can try to update to reforged, I’m just confused if there is a difference at this point. Pixelmon Dark, Pixelmon Reforged, and Pixelmon Generations all seem to be the same plugin. It does, however, seem that Reforged uses a later version of Forge, which may solve some of my problems. Thank you for your assistance, i would, however recommend that you mention that you run off of reforged in your plugin description.

Anywho, it turns out basically all plugins on Sponge are not for my version of SpongeForge. I cannot fix this, however, because I am running Pixelmon generations and it requires a certain version of forge, and the later versions of Sponge are not compatible with that forge version. How would I go about fixing this? The only plugins I have found so far that seem to function alright with it are Luckperms and Nucleus.
UPDATE: We are switching over to Reforged in order to fix some of our errors. I still need help with the problem listed below though.

On an unrelated note: I think Sponge is broken for me. I cannot start a new topic or reply to anything. Could someone help me with that?

Would you be able to provide the plugin’s ore/ forum page so we know which plugin you’re referring to?

What plugins do you have installed?

Unfortunately, I don’t actually support Pixelmon Generations, as it is a direct rip of the original. It’s current intent involves stealing any code it can, and just sloppily pasting it in with hopes that it works. My Daycare plugin actually comes built with a version parser to ensure it doesn’t run on Generations.

Anywho, my best advice is to upgrade to Reforged. All my work is designed around that, and it has quite a giving community to help out all other servers.

I know there are issues between Reforged and Generations, and since GTS runs on the reforged codebase, there are points where the plugin will encounter problems. If you have any information towards an error occurring, let me know and I can potentially further assist you in the event my plugin can now actually function on Generations.

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Sure! Here you go!

As the author of GTS, Nick, explains, GTS does not support Generations and never will. By using Generations you are using stolen content from the Reforge and Pixelmon team. If you wish to have support, please respect the mod authors and use a valid Pixelmon version.

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I had no idea that Generations stole from reforged and had no intention of stealing. A friend of mine recommended Generations for my server. I am currently having errors switching to reforged, however, so I am unsure if I will be able to use it for my server.

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We will be switching back to Generations, in the event that Reforged did not work in a modpack no matter what I did. Their discord support was also severely lacking, as their only response to the problems I had was “Ask technic”. Since the only thing I changed was their mod, I highly doubt it could be classified a technic problem. I asked technic, they said to consult the mod owner. I let them know what technic said and they ignored me completely. I also find it ironic that those against generations complain that it is “Malware” yet every time I have to download Reforged, the download is blocked because my browser says it’s a potentially dangerous download. I do not think I will consider Reforged in the future due to unsatisfactory experience.

i said to ask technic as i believed you were setting up the modpack wrong, since you didn’t really provide any information for anyone to assist you in the Discord

Allow me to speak on the behalf of Reforged. Despite a mishap in support, reforged strives itself to be feature-rich and stable. Generations consistently steals these new features, claiming it’s okay because it just brings all the extensions into one. Despite me being banned from the server owners support discord, as well as having my repo access stripped over petty reasons, I still stand by Reforged.

To make myself clear, I’ve said it time and time again to the Reforged team to quit being so aggressive towards Generations. If you want to have a heart to heart, and consider Reforged once more, add me on Discord and we can continue this conversation there.


I understand your concerns, I do know some people have issues downloading Reforged because of adblock. The mod itself is a jar, like all other mods out there - and downloading it directly can cause your internet block of choice to freak out. That’s normal, and you kinda want that, as jars are executable files.

Anyways, if you do want to figure out what’s up with the migration system, DM me @ Rasgnarok#6969 in, where I can debug and see if perhaps it’s an unreported bug.

As for my team’s evasiveness over technic issues, it’s a longtime standard issue it does have. If you or your friends are having issues with it still, I personally recommend the ATLauncher.

Hello! If I pass my generation server to reforged, are the players going to lose everything? or just the stuff and the pokemons excusive to generation?

Players will have their gen7 Pokémon go into deep storage and will be available again once Reforged 7.0 comes out with gen7 added, things like the dolls will disappear