GTS Reforged Bridge - An extension to GTS which supplies support for Pixelmon Reforged


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GTS Reforged Bridge

Welcome to your new project!


dose this mod still work becuas i cant list pokemons on my server


I tried to open the upper pokelomn sell interface, but it was invalid and had an error.


Thanks for providing us a wonderful GTS!
There’s an issue about it: when I add a pokemon like my Magikarp with /gts sell pokemon 1 10000, it goes well. But if I try to use /gts to see it then, it says “Error occurred while executing command: com/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/util/helpers/SpriteHelper”, and I cannot open the GUI of GTS.
I’d like you to have a check if you can spare some time, thank you :slight_smile:


A new version has been released for GTS Reforged Bridge, it is available for download here.

Support for Reforged 7.0.7 and GTS Sponge 5.0.3