Guardians not spawning at ocean monument after migrating to SpongeVanilla

After converting to SpongeVanilla, I have not seen or heard any guardians at the ocean monument. It seems that Sponge has broke the guardian spawning. I only saw a few Guardians that were probably leftovers from when they were there, but now I can’t find any.
I need to fix this as I am making a Guardian farm, and if guardian spawning doesn’t work, my farm won’t work, and all this effort of building walls and draining the water would be wasted! :confounded:

Please test SpongeForge and see if the problem occurs there.

Same issue in SpongeForge; no Guardians.

I just finished the Guardian farm and it needs the Guardian spawning to work. In the meantime I have made artificial Guardian spawners with command blocks, but I hope this problem is fixed soon.

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I tested in the latest build (248) with both forge and vanilla and guardians do not spawn, neither at the farm or another monument.

Confirmed. I’ve opened an issue on SpongeCommon for this problem:

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