GUI Plugins?

are there any sponge gui maker plugins, like chest style gui? if not, are there any popular plugins that use a gui? mostly interested in essential command gui/ warps/ shops/ rules/ admin. thx!

This plugin makes chest style gui. Install an essentials plugin, like nucleus, then set the GUI up however you want. Here’s a small example of what you’d put in your configuration (you can set up multiple GUIs, just make a new file for each GUI).

Position-9-2 = [{
    Item {
        Count = 1
        ItemType = "minecraft:bed"
        UnsafeDamage = 0
        DisplayName = "Teleport Home"
        ItemLore = [
            "&eWill take you home"
    KeepOpen = false
    PrimaryAction = "home"
    SecondaryAction = ${?PrimaryAction}

thanx baby, love u