🔨 ArmourRepair [v1.0] [SpongeForge 1151]


ArmourRepair is a plugin built for just one purpose, to repair the armour on a player.

:wrench: Links

:pushpin: Commands
ArmourRepair has one command. /armour-repair will repair your equipped armour. It will also deduct the cost of repairing the armour if an economy plugin is installed.
The permission for this command is armour.repair.

:pencil2: Configuration
ArmourRepair will generate a configuration file in the config directory of your Sponge server. In this file, you may set the cost of repairing armour.

# The cost for repairing armour.

If you find any bugs or issues, please report them in this thread, or on github.

Created upon the request of

Does anyone know if this works on modded armor? Such as Pixelmon evo-stone and team armors?