⚒ CrucialCraft [v1.2.0] - Powerful Essentials Plugin

CrucialCraft :hammer_pick:

CrucialCraft is a work-in-proccess plugin that adds all essential commands and functionality systems into the game. More fun stuff and functionality will be coming soon. All systems will eventually become optional.


Note: More awesome systems are coming soon.
Any suggestions? Please do comment.

This plugin tracks the amount of time players have been online for. This can be used in the plugins kit system. This will also later be implemented in the automatic rankup system.

Kits can be created ingame (or in the kits.conf file (rather difficult)). Each kit has a delay timer. This timer can be set to work on either the player’s ingame time or the system time. Learn more about the kits system here.

The amount of homes that a player can have should be set using your permissions plugin as an option named “homes”. This allows group-based homes and player-based homes. For an explanation of how to do this, please refer to the “Setting Options” section of this page. Learn more about the homes system here.

This plugin offers a very configurable chat formatting system.
You can format the chat to look any way you want, by editing the config chat section. Learn more about the chat system here.

Setting Options:
Most permission plugins allow you to add options to groups and players. You can set these options the same way you would set a prefix or suffix. Learn more about setting options here.

Planned systems:
Timed Commands/Rankups
Offline Playerdata Viewing
Silk Touch Spawners
Command Signs
Chat Radius

Note: More commands will be added in the future. Please do comment if you have any suggestions.

Click here for a full list of commands.

Coming soon:

/smite [target]
/skull [target]


There are some non-command permissions, that effect what a player can do ingame.

Click here for a full list of non-command permissions.

You can download all versions of the plugin here.

You can report any issues here.

You can learn more about the plugin here.


Going to be giving this a look at will let you know of any issues via the following link.

Thanks for this the one thing that ive been looking for a plugins that when you /setspawn puts it right at where your looking and standing not just the edge of the block thanks much.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I will be releasing a new update today.

Typo of the century :slight_smile:

Haha, ill fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

I released a new update (v1.0.1) with some new commands.

Oeh we got a new competititor of UltimateCore and Nucleus.
Would like to see a modular system for this plugin tho

A major update is coming soon, with a ton of new stuff.

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New version is out! (v1.1.0).
Only a few new commands, but a whole lot of stuff was created.

New version (v1.1.1) is out, with all teleport commands and more.

New update (v1.1.2)!
Some new commands, changed the config, complete implementing the teleporting delays In all teleportation commands.

IMPORTANT: delete your crucialcraft/config.conf before updating.

At this point, the plugin is almost ready for a full release.

New update (v1.2.0) is out - First proper release!

This plugin stays true to what essentials was and is great for those like me who prefer to use Spigot but were forced to use Sponge due to there being no option for us as builders that were used to the MetaData being removed since update 1.8 and were our only option being to move on to sponge since Cauldron was dead.

Keep up all the great work man!

Suggestions: /day - /night