Happy Birthday Aaron


Greetings Sponge,

I want everyone to wish @Aaron1011 a very happy birthday! As I was telling him, I remember the day I went over his application to join Sponge (yes we did those at the start, it was pretty silly so…uh yeah) but we never responded! (actually we never really did to any of them). Ultimately he stepped up and proved to be a member of the team.

A member is perhaps putting it slightly. Over the years, Aaron has established himself as one of the most crucial members of my team. He is a juggernaut when it comes to fixing mod related issues and no task is out of scope. When he is around, the entire ecosystem can feel it. At Minecon in 2016, our tag team round of fixes before showtime allowed us to have one of the most popular booths. His work is, simply put, that significant.

I can truly say that the Sponge project would simply not be where it is today without him being on the team. As his project leader, a colleague, and most importantly, a dear friend I wish him all the best today.

Thank you Aaron.


sniff Our little Aaron is all grown up.


I’m not a core Sponge developer, but I’m absolutely amazed at the amount of work @Aaron1011 puts in. People ping him constantly with “hey aaron this thing broke go fix it”, and it’s awesome to see him identify the problem quickly and get a working version. I love watching the dev chats to see what vanilla bug Aaron will find next. Thanks for the hard work :clap:


Happy Birthday :tada:


Happy Birthday Aaron! :confetti_ball:


Obligatory happy birthday A-A-ron


Hahahaha! Good video. Belated HBD Aaron :wink: