Happy Nameday Mumfrey!

Today marks the glorious name day of our master of byte code engineering, @Mumfrey! Speaking for the Sponge Team, we wish you a Happy Birthday, and appreciate everything you’ve done for the project and Minecraft community as a whole.

None of us have prepared anything really worth mentioning for his birthday, except this lovely announcement of yet another year gone by as he approaches the spry old age of 65.


Happy Birthday mum :cake: have a good one

Is It Next Year Already?

Spongineers, raise a cheer
For our bytecode engineer
Who stubbornly stayed here
Through another crazy year

Perpetually insightful
His reviews are incise-ful
Sponge has the right tool
For remonstrating with fools

Happy Birthday Mumfrey, may your cakes be more than sufficient


Happy Birthday @mumfrey :smiley:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday ! I must recognise that mixin is a very powerful tool. Thank for your hard work !

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Hail @mumfrey, Lord of Mixins, on his latest conquest in the march towards senility!

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Happy birthday! :birthday:

@mumfrey eh you’re alright I guess. Love your favorite noob <3

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys.

Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!