Has anyone used or heard about canary mod?

here is the link http://www.canarymod.net/ it was based off of hmod just like bukkit and this actually may be a really good alternative to bukkit

A lot of people here are already familiar with the platform.

well who uses it though

It has a following, but it’s not exactly huge. From what I hear it lacks a lot of flexibility.

Canary doesn’t have a 1.8 build available AFAIK so most people just keep using bukkit/spigot.

Yes they do.

@Mhjort you mean https://ci.visualillusionsent.net/job/CanaryMod-Bleeding/ ?

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Yeah thats what i meant.
It actually works okay, there are not a lot of plugins available, but I guess that will change once a stable 1.8 is out.

I could possibly try to make PlotMe work on it? Will look into it.

It would be nice to see more plugin developers for canary mod

Ive been using canarymod,since CraftBukkit went AWOL, I’ve been impressed with both the server admin and the plugin API. In many respects I prefer the Canarymod API over Bukkit API. I ported the RaspberryJuice plugin to Canarymod and it was relatively painless.

I dont get the comment about a lack of flexibility, thats not been my experience.

CanaryMod is good, but it doesn’t have very big community. Comparing to Bukkit, its really superior in one case: Entity AI controlling. It actually has api for that, as Bukkit doesn’t have ANY support.

Yeah i used it after hey0 died. But it hadnt much plugins so i decide to move to Bukkit.

I used it a very long time ago, moved to bukkit after a short time.