Has sponge been updated for 1.8 yet?

Ok so what I’d like to do it create a Pixelmon server somewhat soon and I would need sponge to do this. So my question is, is sponge updated to allow me to make a Pixelmon 1.8 server with Pixelmon versions 4.0.(X)? And also allow me to use plugins and not run into too many problems. Is there a working version of sponge yet to allow me to do this? I’ve tried looking it up and I keep seeing that it isn’t supported yet, but those posts are a few months old, so I’d like to know where that stands atm.

If sponge doesn’t support that yet, do any one of you have an estimated time of when there would be a reliable update to it?
Thank you.

From my understanding it only supports 1.8


Yes, Sponge has been on version 1.8 for a long time now. The Minecraft version is in the name of the file: **1.8**-1577-2.1-DEV-848

Ok so sponge is on 1.8, so I can create a pixelmon server with verions 4.0.X? And be all good? Just curious because I have really not seen any pixelmon server that is updated above 1.7.10.

Yep, Sponge is available for 1.8. In fact, Sponge is only available for 1.8 at the moment.

As long as your Forge version is for 1.8, Pixelmon supports version 1.8, and you download the correct version of Sponge, it should work.

If something goes wrong, there are a lot of posts on the forum about Pixelmon working with Sponge.

Well thank you, for the clarification :slight_smile:

Please note that we’re currently on 1.8 only, so Sponge won’t work on Forge 1.8.8 properly right now. This is subject to change in the future :wink: