Having issues with TPS

Hey guys, I’m running a ftb unstable 1.8 server with spongeforge 4.1.0 BETA 1190 and forge version 1763, the FTB unstable pack is version 3.0.37, since adding sponge the tps on the server has gone downhill, from an average TPS of 18 when generating chunks to an average of 5 with sponge, I only have PEX and Essentialcmds installed as plugins so I doubt they are the issue, but as soon as I remove sponge the TPS is fine again, I really need a permissions system and would love to solve this issue, if anyone else has the same issue and has fixed it please let me know what you did :slight_smile:

Thanks, Killerjerick

Hi there, sorry you’re having issues. For bug reports please open an issue on GitHub. It is possible that the problem you’re experiencing will be rectified by the upcoming rework of the cause tracking system.

Please include a list of the forge mods you are running alongside sponge when you create your issue.

Alright, will do, thank you!