Having Trouble Using /give for getting modded items

Hello, I am currently running a modded server with common mods such as tinkers construct, botania, pixelmon ect… and I am having trouble finding the item names/ids for the modded items, mostly Tinkers’ construct. How would I go about finding these? I have a mod that tells you about the NBT but it is blank on tinkers items, it only says something like “TConstruct:materials”. The items I am trying to find for Tinker’s constructare:
Creative Modifer
Mending Moss
Seared Bricks
Reinforced Plate
Horizontal Expander
Vertical Expander
Silky Jewel
Manyullyn Ingot (Or however that is spelled ^^;)
Pig Iron
And only one for thermal expansion, the “Portable Tank”.
I was having alot of trouble finding the right spot to put this, sorry if this is the entirely wrong catagory. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


since the introduce of non-numerical IDs (Minecraft 1.7), all items (and some other aspects of the game) follow the same convention. The convention is the name of the Plugin/Mod and an identifier for the object*, separated by a :. In most cases, the identifier of the object is simply the name of the item, by replacing all spaces by a _. For example, stone non-numerical ID is minecraft:stone.

TConstruct follow the same rules. For example, the TConstruct pickaxe ID is TConstruct:pickaxe (

To view the IDs of each item directly in the game, you can use F3 + H. When advanced tooltips got enabled, the ID of each item is displayed below his name.

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This is the problem I am having, many of the items in Tinkers’ construct are in a “catagory” so entering that command will only give you the first item in that catagory. For example, tooltips says the ID of a creative modifer is a “TConstruct:materials” but issuing the command /give TConstruct:materials gives them a different item that has the same “Catagory” name, such as a seared brick. Commands like /give TConstruct:creative_modifer are not working due to this reason, it is like the item has NBT tags that cannot be seen. I have an NBT identifier installed but it has the same problem, it reads the item ID as “TConstruct:materials” and says that there is no NBT for the following item. I believe this does not work the same as for the tools because the tools are more identified by NBT while regular Tinkers’ resources are not.

For TC tools, the data is in the NBT. For crafting materials and other static items, it’s typically the data value.