Having trouble with griefprevention

I have just installed griefprevention on my server yesterday and couldn’t get it working properly since. Players can create claims, but these claims aren’t respected. When enabling claim-flag debug mode (/cfd) I can still open chests, break blocks, etc. I thought this was just a bug with debug mode, so I got another player to come onto my claim and test it out, but that player was able to break blocks, open chests, etc. I’m assuming it has something to do with the permissions I have allocated to the players that is allowing them to override these claims. Here’s my list of permissions for all players:


The bolded permissions are permissions that I realized I had to give to my players, otherwise, it wouldn’t let them break blocks, place blocks, etc. in the wilderness.

If you have any questions that would help you solve my problem, please ask. Thanks in advanced.

If players have access to flags then they automatically ignore all flags with their actions

When I restrict those flag permissions though, they lose access to break/place blocks even in unclaimed land.

if the have the permission then they ignore them, to allow specific interactions you need to use /cf to allow each interaction
eg /cf interact-entity-secondary pixelmon:any 1 will allow all players to use Pixelmon’s NPCs