Hello i wanna a good claim plugin so i can


Hello i wanna a good claim plugin so i can claim my spawn and i have very many blocks in the spawn like i want users to can use can anyone give me a tips of a Claim plugin for sponge Maybye Like WorldGuard


I recommend Nations or GriefPrevention.


Yeah i have Greifprevention but how can i do so Players can use items in spawn when i have claim spawn?


GriefPrevention has a lot of flags, check their wiki for them :slight_smile:


but if i use flag can players use the items?


You’d use the Interact flags, so if you wanted people to use signs, or whatever, you’d set the interact-block-secondary to true (I think, never used GP), or if you want them to use items, you can enable interact-item-primary.

I’d personally just grab a player without admin permissions and turn the different interact flags on and off until you have the combination you need.


so i do /claimflag Interact-block-secondary true can players use evere block then?


As I said, I’ve never used Grief Prevention, perhaps you should join their Discord and ask them about it there? I’ve heard they’re very helpful.