Hello! i'm new here

I’m new here
I’m a server owner and developer, and I really like this site
I will make plugins here, just wondering how much time would it take to get them accepted the reason I didn’t make for bukkit is because there was too many steps to upload a plugin and I would just give up


  • Stefan
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Welcome to Sponge! Yeah, this process should be a lot more simpler than Bukkit’s.

thanks for the reply :wink:

Welcome to Sponge, Stefan! I agree the site is awesome!

Welcome to Sponge m8! Hope you enjoy your stay on the forums (which is approximately 10x more MLG than the old bukkit forums)

Welcome, but can you please keep the category clean from off-topic discussion?
If anybody start a thread in the dev area it is hard to find useful ressources

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Welcome to sponge! I hope you enjoy it here, and I look forward to using some of your plugins on my server :slight_smile:

Not trying to be mean here, but posts should contribute and improve the conversation, not thank people for replying or bumping the thread. Just warning you because later on a moderator could give you an infraction. :wink:

This should’ve been more in the general discussion or off-topic board, but I’m sure a mod will take care of that.

Anyways, welcome to Sponge!

Currently the API is in progress, and it’s nowhere near as complete as Bukkit’s was, but every day more and more gets added. Don’t expect to be able to make much right now for plugins, but they’ll be possible in the future, for sure.

Oh Sorry about that I will create useful content next time :wink:

It’s not “set in stone”, but it shouldn’t take as long as Bukkit.

Make sure to check out Thread

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If you have any more questions you might want to consult this before you ask.