Hello, I'm ParryHotter

Hey, my name is ParryHotter.

Mainly I code some games in Unity, but I’ve created some Bukkit-Plugins, too.
Now, with Sponge, I’m going to concentrate more on Minecraft plugins and mods^^

I’m really looking forward to code with Sponge
and I’m trying to contribute the project everywhere i can.

See ya

I wish you good luck in the future! :smile:

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Welcome to the forums @ParryHotter!

A few links to get you started:

Also feel free to take a look at my newsletter.

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suddenly ideas of trying to mix a unity game with a minecraft game.
a game in two worlds, do things in minecraft to help the player in unity and vice-versa

something to think about? ;D

good luck to your sponge plugin development .ww.