[Help] Bed respawning don't work!

Hi, I use forge 1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3361 and when I sleep in a bed I skip the night and that works fine. But, when I die I don’t respawn at my bed! I look in the permission of nucleus and I found nothing.

My plugins

  • Carrot shop
  • Latch
  • Nucleus
  • TotalEconomy


  • Aether 2
  • ChestTransporter
  • Creature whisperer
  • Extended days
  • Mo Creatures
  • Galacticraft
  • Mowziesmob
    -Multipage chest
  • Primitive mobs
  • Progressive bosses
  • The Betweenlands
  • twilightforest

Thank you!

I find the problem! I desactivate the nucleus module of spawning in the main.conf