Help Finding Plugins

Ok so, I got sponge 1.12.2 forge and Im using it for pixelmon server, Now ive been searching alot but cant find much plugins that could work on Sponge forge 1.12.2, I am looking for plugins so i could do these tasks:

  • Somethin like Multiverse core so i could load multiple worlds
  • Something like worldguard to protect lobby world
  • Something like Essentials so I could use /warps to go to other worlds/locations such as warp pvp, /kits to give player kits
  • and other plugins i should have

Btw thank you very much in advance <3


Multiple world loading is done by sponge itself and the essentials plugin i will recommend will allow you to travel there

Nucleus is the essentials plugin for 1.12.2

As for protection, there is a lot to choose from and i cant remember all of them for api 7 (1.12.2) so here is ore page filtered on world protection, choose one you like the sound of (make sure you get a plugin that works with API 7.X and make sure the version you download is compatible)


Thank you very much bud <3

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