[Help] GriefPrevention and PermissionsEX

I am creating a pixelmon server (1.10.2) and PEX and GriefPrevention are giving me two big troubles.
GriefPrevention does not allow any player, include mods and adms, to use commands even in claim and wilderness.
The permissions like “worldedit.*” does not work! It is making me add permission by permission.

Here is my pex file: http://pastebin.com/pTBPstMD

I stayed stopped in minecraft by 3 years, so sorry for any dummy error >.<

Could also make your perms in the old pex format, and use their auto conversion to get your permissions to work at a base level.

How can i do this?

Create it normally, and change your config file to point to that one. Once the server starts, it should convert it.

Sponge doesn’t use wildcard permissions anymore, if you want to grant full permissions for a plugin such as worldedit you’d just grant them the worldedit permission. The worldedit.* format isn’t supported anymore in sponge.

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Is for full permission just give the plugin name?

For full permissions you’d assign the plugin id as a permission, which is usually the plugin name in lowercase without spaces.

What about GriefPrevetion?

I wouldn’t know about that as I haven’t used GriefPrevention for Sponge very much yet. You might have better luck asking in the GriefPrevention forum thread itself.

Do you know any other plugin for claims (Admins and Players)?

Plugin pages should have descriptions of their permissions. As for understanding wildcards, you’d just remove .* from the end.