Help me (Maven, Gradle)

After reading the documentation, understanding nothing, I appeal to the forum with a request to briefly describe to me how to work with assemblies Gradle and Maven.

Ok. Gradle or Maven? My knowledge is they can not be combined.

It also depends on your IDE for the most simplistic instructions. So do you use Eclipse? intelij? Netbeans? Other?

I use IntelJ Idea.

I personally use Maven due to habbit. So here is the instructions on how to setup the first stage of the maven project.

After that in your project you will find pom.xml
Open that in a basic view (or what ever its called in intelij).

After that insert the following line just before the close tag.


After that save the file and refresh the project. And sponge api will be added to your project. Done

Creating a Plugin — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation Feel free to change the language, there are translations available in a variety of languages.

Also, if you want a silent video that shows how easy it is to get started using MCDEV I made one for you super quickly here: My First Sponge Plugin [Tutorial] - YouTube

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Specifically, Setting Up Gradle — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation will tell you how to use Gradle with Sponge.