Help needed for Pixelmon Plugin

Can someone create for me a plugin that can turn a normal pokemon to a shiny and have loot crates that give u legendaries and shines that requires a key…Idm paying for your troubles

I like to make use of the Husky Crates plugin, which covers everything from crate to key for it. You can configure them and also let them give legends and other pokemon to players.

As for item to turn a normal Pokemon into a shiny, that could be made fairly simple. Do you want the players to right click a Pokemon (that they own) and then it turns into a shiny? Should it bring up a GUI and player has to click and decide which Pokemon in their party they want to turn into a shiny?
Should this item also convert shinies into normal Pokemon again?

Which Pixelmon? - I’m more into PixelmonGenerations, but can do others as well.

That would be great and I want a gui and a player has to click the pokemon and turn them to shiny…I hos on pixelmon reforge…oh ya can u possible that players have access to these commands…/pokeheal /warp /pc

Access to these commands for normal players is done over the permission system, which may vary depending on which one you decide to use.

Can I msg u in discord? So that we cant talk better there

I’d prefer Forum DMs if you need additional help.

I’m going to start on the Shiny Plugin soon though.

How to access the dm…

You would click on my profile (my icon) and then „message“.

Here is the finished plugin. I struggle to upload the reforged version to the ore page right now, but you can find the reforged version also in the github release.