Help! sponge refuses to load!

Hello, I’ve done everything to try to get sponge to work, here’s what is going on.
I put in the version 2678, I put it in the mods folder. When I create my own batch file, the server starts up, but doesn’t load sponge. When I use the custom modpack server launcher, this is the error I get:

**** ERROR ****
SPONGE has been enabled in settings.cfg but necessary files were not found…

To use Sponge:

  1. “MODS” folder must have a SpongeForge JAR matching Forge 2768

**** PLEASE NOTE ****
YOU MAY NOT RECIEVE SUPPORT from modpack devs if you use Sponge
Use at your own risk OR DISABLE SPONGE in settings.cfg

^ When I press to continue, it just shuts down the server.

  1. Dont make multiple threads. It does not get you help faster.
  2. Means you dont have spongeforge inside the mods folder that matches your current forge version. Place it in there

Reading all the details helps.

That’s the issue, it is in the mods folder with the correct version.

Then your batch file is calling something wrong for it not to recognize that the file is in the correct folder.

Would that be fixable by editing the batch file or somewhere in a config?