Help Using and Finding Plugin

Ok so im creating a Pixelmon server, For the spawn i have loaded it by using
/world import then /world load and im here in spawn but once i restart server i have to redo this everytime,
Secoundly is there any plugin like deluxehub or supremelobby so I can make players join this spawn when they login and also maybe add /spawn /lobby command, Here when i use /spawn command in for example another world it sends me to its world spawn rather then spawn world’s spawn
How do i protect my spawn world, Universe guard aint working good for me

What api/minecraft are you using?

Sponge Forge 7 1.12.2

There are options somewhere in the sponge config folder under worlds for loadOnStart. That should help with your first issue.

The second issue i dont get what you mean as when a player logs in they are on the server. That is unless your using a proxy in which case you would use a proxy plugin.

As for global spawn across worlds, i believe Nucleus could handle that.

As for protection, there are a lot to choose from for api 7. So i wont recommend one. Just go onto ore, click the protection filter and find a api 7 compatible plugin you like

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