Help with a Pixelmon Server

I’ve just set up a Pixelmon reforged server and have been messing around with different sponge plugins. I’ve come up with a setup that I like but it seems that as soon as I add spongeforge it causes issues with the world generation and prevents Shopkeepers and PokeCenter NPC’s from spawning. I’ve narrowed it down to spongeforge by process of elimination, running with just Pixelmon works fine, adding spongeforge and regenerating the world then breaks it again.

I’m using spongeforge 7.1.4 with forge 2768 and Pixelmon 6.3.4, has anyone experienced something similar.

This sounds a lot like an issue that was reported in the Discord a while back. I did some experimenting to see what exactly broke things, and found that with just Forge and Pixelmon running things were fine. With SpongeForge added, NPC spawning becomes flaky – some villages are completely empty, others are completely full, usually it’s a mix of the two. There’s no preference towards any specific NPC type, things seem entirely random.

Since this was a while back, that’s about all the detail I can add. I don’t have the setup anymore, though I hope other people will know more here.