Help With Essentials

i need help installing essentials, yes i have watched basically all the walkthrough videos. i have all of the essentials files in the mods folder(along with sponge). so yea, there’s nothing in the log about essentials and it does not show up when i do “./sponge plugins”, not even in red. please any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, just want to make the best experience for the players on my server.

There is no working version of Essentials for Sponge yet. Sponge is completely different from Bukkit, so no Bukkit plugins will work with Sponge, and vice versa.


really aww man! that’s sad :frowning:

is there any other plugin that works with sponge that contains things like ./sethome?

This one [DISCONTINUED] EssentialCmds [v8.1.14]


@djxy thanks man, i’ll try it out!

There’s EssentialCmds made by @HassanS6000 and Core by @CreepsterLGC. EssCmds was already linked, so i’ll just leave a link to Core here:


i need help im using beastnode serving hosting and I want to have a 1.8 server with essentials and pex and sponge so far is the only platform with these plugins I have tried to put in the source code put nothing happens how do I get essentials on my server?

The compiled version can be downloaded here.

but when I put in the jar or anything and upload it to plugins nothing changes I don’t know how to make the jar go into the server whenever iupload itnothing changes

You have to put it into your “mods”-directory.

I don’t have one of those

I only have Up …
icon jar Directory 4 KB Feb 26 15:46
icon logs Directory 4 KB Feb 26 16:33
icon plugins Directory 4 KB Feb 26 16:38
icon world Directory 4 KB Feb 26 16:48
icon world_nether Directory 4 KB Feb 26 16:49
icon world_the_end
pls help me and I use craftbukit 1.8 pls ive been trying I use bukkit but beastnode not have sponje what I do?

What version/kind of Sponge are you running? Are you sure it’s not bukkit or spigot?

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ya it bukkit a bukkit server

I don’t have sponge I just use plugins or at least try

im running mod craftbukkit 1.8

I don’t think it’s possible to run sponge and bukkit at the same time. What exactly are you trying to achive?

You’ll need to wait until they add Sponge as an option or contact your host about adding it.

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well I just want to have essentials 1.8 but don’t know how beause bukkitessentials 1.8 is discontinued to .1.7.10