Help with /help

So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for this. When players on my server use /help, they still get prompts of all sorts of commands, they dont have access to, Such as /brush. Is there any way to remove these commands from /help for people without perms, to keep the /help tab clean for people? Thank you! Below is an image showing the /help, and how i dont have permisions to the commands, aswell as the mod list.

Help was designed with permissions in mind, there is no way to “hide” commands without overriding the help command.

How come you don’t use permissions as the whole sponge platform is really built for it?

Except for mods there is, which is the problem here. I added a config option to global.conf specifically for this. Also, @MoseMister, he’s running LuckPerms, so he is running permissions…

@Bilbbo - set enforce-permission-checks-on-non-sponge-commands in global.conf to true and reload the config (/sponge reload -g I think). I won’t bore you with the technical reason as to why this is needed, suffice to say mods don’t actually get written with permissions in mind…

Seems like doing this didnt work… i sent some extra pictures on discord, maybe i did something wrong? @dualspiral