Help with new plugin and server

I am looking for a partner(s), to help me develop a new private plugin and alongside it a server. To be eligible you must be at least 16 years old. I will not discuss all details here, but it is essentially like the World versus World gametype in the mmo Guild Wars 2: read more here: enter link description here
PM me for more details and my skype. Regards, Cameron

There are plenty of capable people here under 16 years old, but I guess that’s just your opinion.


Never played Guild Wars, I can haz explanation?

WvWvW is basically a pvp, where players are split into 3 big teams. Each team represents one gw 2 server.

So, a factions server?

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I will go into a bit more depth, and yes I understand there are capable coders below the age of 16, but I am not just looking for capable coders I am looking for people to run the server with me which requires maturity. So going into more depth: The WvW gameplay would reset once each week. There will be three large teams on a reasonably large map. The teams will need to capture points of interest on the map to gain points. Points are earnt every minute places of interest are in their possession. Places of interest include: forts, keeps, watch towers and utilities. Points are also earnt by killing other players.

There are plenty of mature, responsible people under the age of 16.
Likewise, being older than 16 is absolutely no guarantee of maturity.

By excluding everyone under 16, you’re losing people who are responsible, trustworthy, and mature individuals, while inevitably dealing with people lacking said characteristics - while being older than 16.

What this really comes down to is the process you use to screen people:

If a person would have made it through otherwise, then they’re being exuded based on a fairly arbitrary number (16 allows you to get a drivers license in the U.S., but otherwise isn’t any more significant than say, 15 or 17).

If a person makes it through, but then proves to be untrustworthy (griefs the server, bans random people, etc.), then their age only served to distract from the actual qualities it was intended to aid in determining.

I hope you’ll reconsider your position on age restrictions for server partners.

(A small practical consideration: Unless you anticipate an enormous influx of unqualified under-16 applicants, who would be deterred by your age restriction, then the time saved by not having to deal with said applicants is unlikely to exceed the time lost to verifying that the applicants are indeed over 16)

Thank you Aaron, I’m not the sort of person to continue to argue after I have been corrected, reading your post has changed my mind all though, to more of a compromise. 14 years of age will be the lowest I will go. I myself am 19 and so find it easier to relate to people closer to my own age

First, I’d like to thank you for considering my opinion.

I don’t deny that in general, there’s a claim between age and maturity. Rather, I think that it makes more sense to take measures to restrict the age of applicants after a problem has been observed, to avoid turning away well-qualified applicants who don’t meet the age criteria.

IMHO, allowing applicants of any age provides a good test of your other criteria. If many underage applicants are making it further along in the process despite not being qualified, its likely that others are, too.

Thanks for your input Aaron. Just wondering, would you be interested in partnering up with me for this task?

I’d be glad to!

While some of my time is occupied with work on Sponge, I’d definitely be able to assist in creating the plugin.

Thank you very much, my skype is cammy_d_clarke