Help with plugin porting

Greetings from the face of the Russian community. I want to ask you for advice and help.
Our community is stuck on the Bukkit platform. The main reason is that the monetization of our projects occurs in a different way from the western community. We do not use such platforms as Enjin because of their inconvenience and high cost. Usually, each project has its own web store. But the delivery of goods for the server is mostly done with the help of an old plug-in, which was written three years ago on Scala, its name Shopping Map Reloaded. The developer abandoned it and we can’t communicate with him for porting this plugin to Sponge. Other developers also do not want to do this, because of the complexity.
Here is his open source GitHub - limito/ShoppingCartReloaded
Here its version for the Bukkit platform but with a fix for UUID(but we didnt have source code for it):

It uses mysql, and simple table for a certain kind of connection with the web part of the delivery of goods and privileges, to users. Also it uses Vault and PowerNBT.
In fact, most of the projects of our community is stuck on version 1.7.10 Minecraft. We would like to start using a Sponge, but we do not have the opportunity to rewrite the plugin for Sponge 1.10.2
We wanted to use Pore, but we can not get in touch with the developer, and the source code that remained is not compiling. Therefore, I need your advice, what should I do. I will be very grateful for the help!
P.S. Sorry for my disgusting English.

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Hello dear russian crafter and welcome on board !

Is Enjin doesn’t suit your needs, you might like buycraft and minecraftmarket :

However, buycraft might be the only up to date plugin.

If someone in your team is confident with web programmation then webapi is THE solution you were looking for :

Good luck with your project !

PS : not everyone is using Enjin :joy: