Help with server (PM,Nucleus)

Hi guys,

As someone who was really good with all the permissions on my old bukkit servers I thought that I wouldn’t have any struggles with sponge. I was wrong. Unfortunately nothing works.

I am running a custom modpack on a linux vserver. So far everything hasworked perfectly. But as soon as I added Permission Manager/Nucleus to the server I started to struggle. I just cannot help myself. I gave myself all permissions with pm users your_username set permission * which worked fine.
Next off, I wanted to create a home. Did that with /sethome home . First problem neither /home nor /home home are working. Error message is The home “home” does not exit for /home and home^Usage: /home?.. for /home home.

If I give a group permissions -> doesn’t work
If I give users permissions -> works sometimes

I just want to have a basic setup…

Just 3-4 Groups
1 admin group - all permissions
1 mod group - member permissions + kick/ban/mute
1 guest group - just chat permissions (no worldmodify)
1 member group - spawn/home/msg + claim/create land

Apart from that I want to use one plugin to claim/create land. Which one should I use ? I am remembering one really good one where it was possible to do that with a golden shovel (or sth similar idk exactly). Just right/left click and the area was protected, Furthermore, the amount of blocks you can claim should be limited. Every hour of playtime you will get 30 blocks to claim.

The last pluggin I need should create worlds (for ressource gathering etc.) with basic portals included (signs etc.)

Thanks in advance for your help. I am really desperate at this point after hours trying and not achieving anything.

Ps. Right now I got Permission Manager/Nucleus and Project Worlds+Portals (for worlds) red protect (claims?) installed

To fix the home problem, and maybe more (e.g. world creation), I suggest check out the Nucleus documentation. Usually I list the homes and then click on one to travel there. Tab auto-completion can be useful. If it’s still wiggy, it might be a bug, so it’s important to give us the Sponge and plugin versions you’re using.

Secondly, [quote=“mcserver2017, post:1, topic:17133”]
I am remembering one really good one where it was possible to do that with a golden shovel
Grief Prevention.

If you need help with PermissionManager, you can come on our Discord. It will be easier and faster to help you.

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Thanks guys

I am not at home but I am going to be in about 5 hours.
I just discovered some functions of ftbutilities but as lucky as I am the functions I needed don’t work for me ? I wanted a limitation of the chunks which are claimable, but it seems like it isn’t possible with the current version (no chunk limit in config). I would rather use this way of claiming than an additional plugin like griefprevention, but I don’t want players to claim a thousand chunks.

What I have done so far:

-Created 4 Groups


Added Permission to Veteran and Admin Group


  • nucleus.home.set.base
  • nucleus.spawn.base
  • nucleus.home.base
    prefix: ‘&6[Veteran]’


  • ‘*’
    prefix: ‘&4[Admin]’

If I assign a group to somebody it works fine (prefix visible) but the permissions get just ignored

I am using Forge (latest recommended) + sponge 1.10.2-2202-5.1.0-Beta-2070

Are you editing the groups directly on their file or with the menu/commands?

I am using the menu/commands.
I have the feeling that I am just missing something ?

Do I have to do something apart from creating groups/adding user/adding permissions ?
Btw. My understanding is -> prefix is working -> no errors in code -> if there was an error in the code it would just delete the config?

The best way to know if your permissions are used is the debug mode.

Enable it, test the commands related to the permissions that doesn’t work. Then, copy your console and send me your logs via pastebin or something like that.

Nucleus has a Discord too, in case you need help from our end:

dimension=minecraft.overworld] - Permission: nucleus.home.base - Tristate: FALSE

I guess that should say True ?
It does if I give myself all permissions with the command /pm users your_username set permission * but as soon as I deny the permission it does not work anymore


I found my first mistake -> I denied the permission * and not removed it -.-
I just thought deny permission * would deny all permission except the ones which are granted


I’ve set the group “guest” as default -> How can I set the permission of this group to use chat only ? I don’t know if I am stupid but how would someone know what to do ? (I have read the wiki)

I just installed griefprevention but cannot seem to find the options for initial claim blocks etc. (global.conf) Where is this option hidden ?

Ps. Thanks for beeing so patient with me

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You should ask it to @blood. He can help you with GriefPrevention.

Those are stored as options in permissions metadata, and get added to a user / group. Check out the GriefPrevention Wiki, it explains this stuff pretty well.

Thanks for your answer. I have read the wiki before even touching the plugin but the options got me a little confused.

Options are a way to configure plugins using player/group contexts through your permission system, this gives you the benefit of being able to set different settings for different players, groups, worlds etc.

Was added after I asked because I had no idea what to do with these (new to 1.10/sponge)

My current issue is auto-restart and auto-backup.
FTB Utilities seems to be able to do that but for some reason the auto-restart does not work. I set the time to 0.1 which should result in a restart in about 6 minutes after the initial start. Maybe it has a minimum timer of 1 for 1h. The next issue I encountered is disabling the possibility to claim chunks. I guess that the ranks example json is just an example ? So it’s not used for the server ? Does that mean the default_rank_config.json is used ? If yes, how can I achieve to just don’t let anybody claim chunks with ftbu ?

I think I have to add these options in the config of luckperms. Am I right ?

Is there another easy solution to get auto backup and auto restart after a certain time ?

Thanks for your patience

Do you use LuckPerms and PermissionManager?

everything sorted out but thanks for your help.
I had to switch from pm to lp due to some issues with gp.
I really liked using PM but GP is essential for me,

I took FTBU off the server (didn’t like it in general) and use aroma backup for backups