Help with setting up a server on a host

Ok, I am using BisectHosting. I would like to set up Sponge on my server. How would I do so? If I set the sponge.jar to run, it does not work. Keep in mind that I transported the file sponge.jar into my server directory before doing this.
I keep getting a crash, says I need to execute the command - java -jar sponge.jar go - on a .bat file. How do I do this and set up Sponge on this server? Thanks, Xieso

The best way I’ve found to set up Sponge if you’re using a Host is to set the server as the required Forge server, with the Sponge .jar in the Mods folder. I’ve tested it with my Host and it seems to work fine. It loads up the plugins as necessary, at least, along with other mods.

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If you have FTP access you could install Sponge locally first and then upload the entite folder to your server.

Sponge.jar -go downloads a forge server, installs it and finally runs it. Obviously that won’t work with most hosters.

The second Option is mentioned above: set your server to forge and manually add Sponge.jar

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Rename the sponge .jar to ‘custom.jar’ then set up in the control panel under the ‘Jar selection panel’ choose 'Special: custom.jar". Then run the thing.

Will definitely try this, thanks for the reply :smile:

I had this same problem. For anybody else coming from Google, I figured out that you need to get the premium package in order to be able to install custom jar files (source: BisectHosting Review)