Help with this sponge timings report


Lately my server has been very laggy but the weird thing is I did not add anything new to it, just the usual night restart.

I did the sponge timings and got this report:

The problem is I am not certain where to start looking for issues and troubleshoot. I know the red numbers means bad but not where I should look at after it.

Help please c:

Honestly, I’m not sure that 5 gigabytes of memory is enough for a modded server with multiple players on it. I’d try 8 or 10Gb if you can.

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Hi d4rkfly3r and sorry for my late late response.

Somehow we fixed the issue by shrinking the world itself, and tested using the older version and that “fixed” the issue.

We look for some lag by redstone or so but found nothing x.x