Helpppppppppppppppppppppp dewe

i put i a mod in to my server and they all don’t work i don’t know why please help

If you want actual help, you need to be more specific than. “I did x, and it doesn’t wok”. What mods, how are you launching the game, did it work before you installed forge, and so on.

all types and just running my server at the run.bat

It says /help of commands but there nothing there

Please paste your server log on a site like and put the link here, as well as telling us the list of mods you are using, what version of Sponge you are using, and what version of Forge you are using.

You have provided us with literally zero information; we’re not mind readers. We don’t know what mod you put in, what you mean by ‘they all don’t work’, or any other crucial info.


There are several pages in the SpongeDocs that may be of assistance, in your language of choice.
Reading the sections on Debugging, Reporting Bugs and understanding Log FIles may help you a lot.

There’s not a lot anyone can do to help you without that kind of information.

Could you post your run.bat?

Hear my server ip

That’s a local lan address.

Unless you can provide significant evidence of what’s wrong, I’m going to

  1. close this thread. and
  2. if further threads get made without actionable logs, versions etc, ban your forum account under the suspicion of trolling and wasting our time.

What we need in order to help is, versions of software used, Minecraft, Forge (if present), Sponge version used, a list of mods, your logs, and a Description of what’s wrong. this is your final warning.

Feel free to use Google translate, or post in your native language if necessary.