Hexidecimal colors being supported for Minecraft chat?

I think hexidecimal colors should be supported for Minecraft chat, if it is even possible. Maybe there could be a method in Sponge. For example: ChatColor(#000000). Let me know whwat you think about this idea.


True, that’s a good idea. I’m also pretty sure that’s possible.

I think they should do it. Glad I thought of it!

Oh god, that would be awesome :o

I think the vanilla server protocol doesn’t support it, so forget it. This is not really a sponge suggestion, but Minecraft suggestion :wink:


I thought so as well. But who knows?
Edit: Also, if Sponge actually becomes a Client-API as well… :wink:

This is a client side chat issue, pester Microsoft about it. :wink:

If it’s a Client-API, then it would only affect Sponge client. It would need to fallback to a similar color or no color otherwise. But it may be a valid idea if they want to enable it for Sponge clients. I’ve personally hoped that eventually Minecraft would allow full spectrum colors with the introduction of the JSON formatting. Sometimes, 16 colors is not enough.

I’m aware of that.

And I agree on that.

Dos only had 16 colours, well actually it had 256 combos: 16 foregrounds and 16 backgrounds, so we have fewer colours than Dos. :wink:

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I was thinking it was based on the DOS colors XD Even MC has the drop shadows being a darker shade, but no combo mechanism. Reminds me of the days when I had to re-install win98 and had no graphics driver.

I see that in the minecraft client there are other colours that do not have a colour code like:
Realms Outdated Client Message (Bright Red)
Achievements (Pale Blue)
Realms Info Page (Pale Blue)

Really? I’ve never noticed unused colors. Are you sure bright red isn’t C and pale blue isn’t 9? I don’t recall anything to do with Realms at any rate.

No, its like &9 but its slightly shaded “paler” i might be able to get a picture in a min.

The formatting codes tell me that there are more than just 16 tags, the next likely number is at least 32.

“With the use of an third party tool such as NBTExplorer, server names can have custom colors. To utilize this functionality you select the Name attribute in the servers.dat file in your .minecraft directory using your third party tool. In the following example the Name tag is set to:
§4§lMinecraft §6§lServer”

I wonder if other Named Binary Tags would work.

I’m not entirely sure if the server list on the client parses raw JSON messages. The color codes however are just parsing the section symbol (§) prefixed codes. You can also use \u00A7 to stand in for the section symbol if you run a server and put it in your motd in server.properties, as the client seems to parse unicode escaped characters.

The § prefixed characters are not NBTs, however, as far as I’m aware.

That’s just the section symbol being parsed in text, but for the server name at least the client is not parsing characters, but reading NBT tags. at least as according to the MC wiki. So any number of NBT tags are possible, effectively an infinite number, it’s just how the client would interpenetrate them.

Come to think of it, it probably is parsing JSON as well, at least for the online players to show the player list in a tooltip. It may be worth a try, but I get the feeling it wouldn’t work.

the extra tags are possible, but weather or not they would be correctly interpreted, if at all; is up in the air.