Hey! I'm looking to have a Pixelmon Leveling system developed

Basically, i want there to be a permission of some sort that lets your leveling beyond 100.

Without the permission you’re level goes from 1-100
With the permission you’re level goes from 1-200/300/400 etc.

I want this to be customizable in a file, in one of the configs.

Do you mean the level of your Pokémon?

Yes. Believe that is what he was asking on discord :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i do. Sorry about the poor writing, i was pretty tired :sweat_smile:

That sounds pretty doable with one of the plugins I currently have made, but it would require you set the absolute max level a Pokemon can be in your pixelmon.hocon file, as it would with any plugin that could do this.

That is superb! Can you dm on discord? DreaMy#0001