Hi My moded server will not start when adding Sponge to it can anyone help? UPDATED!

Hi all of you Thanks for reading this my Server keeps crshing when i add Sponge to it Here the Hasteben

I hope this will help I would just like to add some plugins to make my server better!!

PSS don’t know if this help but the server is FTB skyfactory 3 Server is as well 1.10.2

What version of sponge do you have?
Nevermind, it’s spongeforge-1.10.2-2202-5.1.0-BETA-2022

Honestly, no idea why it’s not working atm

You have forge (build 2185), but sponge expects build 2202, I recommend you update forge and see if that fixes anything

That log looks incomplete, please provide the full log.

Just a guess here, FoamFix may need updating. Older versions have caused similar crashes when combined with Sponge.

Hi here my servers Log as ask for https://paste.ee/p/78ijV
here is my Crash report from https://paste.ee/p/E38TB

I updated my Forge build to 2202 and updated FoamFix

This is an issue with yunomakegoodmap and itsbecauseuhasnogoodspawn. You’ll have to disable these mods for now.