Hi, my name is Hiero247

Dear Spongers,

My name is Hiero247. I’ve been a follower since the beginning of Sponge.
I was born in the Netherlands and have been a computer enthusiast since my seventh.
Learned to code in C++ and Java but I never came any farther than the exercises my textbooks could offer.
I hope that building a server could motivate me the take my programming skills further.
And with a focused mindset on Bukkit I’ve always wanted more than the standard vanilla equipment and atmosphere could offer.
I want to let players enjoy an undiscovered realm.
And I think that Sponge is the right place to start.
I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m currently building a Dutch network of servers including a lobby, kingdom (roleplay factions) and kitpvp and just finished translating the wonderful EssentialCmds plugin.
If anyone needs help with any of the released plugins, I’m happily willing to help.

Hiero247 :smiley:

PS: If anyone would like to team up with me and build a cool Sponge related project. I would happily like to join.


Nice to meet you Hiero247 I would love to work with you! :smiley: