Hide topics/threads

There should be a way for individual users to hide topics so any new activity from it doesn’t appear in the recently updated (Recents) “Latest” tab. Like an anti-starred list.

I bring this up because of a topic from earlier that I found to be personally offensive but it may or may not be offensive to others. So, I figured there should be an alternative from flagging so that it can remain on the forums but the individual who disagrees with the post doesn’t have to see it.

Does anyone else agree? Does this feature already exist?

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

This is at the bottom of every thread:

He may mean that he doesn’t want to see it in the ‘Latest’ tab, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

If you mean you don’t want to see it in ‘Unread’, then what @DotDash said should be fine.

I meant if there’s a topic you don’t want to see anymore, you can hide it entirely whether or not you’re on the, as you called it, “Latest” tab (I called it the Recents, will change it on the original post) or “Unread” tab.

Hopefully that makes a bit more sense.


Thanks for the response. I never noticed this before… but will the “muted” option completely hide a thread from the “Latest” tab? I don’t want a thread to appear at the top of the page telling me anything about the topic/thread if it has been updated in any way. No mentions, no likes, no new posts, nothing.


Then muted is your best option.

You can however mute entire topic’s or do the thing @DotDash said.

~ xxmarijnw