Hiring developer to set up FTB Revelation server

Hello there!

I turned to this forum looking for some help setting up the development side of a public minecraft server, I hope this project interests some of you!

My Gaming Community wants to start a FTB Revelation Public Minecraft server, which we need a developer for to help out with plugins and mods.

Work Needed
Work required is to make our server ready for a public launch. This includes permissions setup, item restrictions, custom items, setting up ranks and kits, etc. In summary, making sure everything runs smoothly and that the players cannot break the server.

We have documentation on what we want set up, but we also value a developer’s input who has experience with the technical side of things.

It is primarily a one time job to prepare for going public.

Rate is up for discussion, we are interested to hear what you could offer us.

Please add me on Discord, Cas#2525, me and the other server owner are looking forward to meeting you.

I sent a friend request.