HOCON syntax highlighting plugin for VSCode


Today I wrote a little plugin for [Visual Studio Code][1], that attempts to enable HOCON syntax highlighting.
When I started this I knew little to no Regex, so there might be some weird behaviors, but it should mostly work.

If you can help me make any improvements, let me know and I will update the plugin.

You can download the plugin here: [DOWNLOAD][2]

To install the plugin, you will have to locate the plugins folder and extract the archive’s contents there.
In Window the path should be something like this:


You will have to restart the application if it was running while you were installing the plugin.

After installation you should be able to find “HOCON” in the language selection menu. You can access the menu by clicking a button in the bottom-right of the application window.
[1]: https://code.visualstudio.com/
[2]: http://a.pomf.se/raqqeo.zip


Can you convert this to sublime text? :smiley:

Not many people here who use VS. I think @TheAwesomeGem would probably be willing to test it, though. :smile:

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This isn’t for Visual Studio.
Microsoft made a new, lightweight, text editor under the same brand - “Visual Studio Code”. I treat it as a better alternative for Notepad++. I really do recommend everyone to try it out.


Oh! I’ll have to check it out, then. :open_mouth:

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There simply is no better than Notepad++ :smile:

That said, I’ll see what it’s all about anyway.


… vsc looks really nice.
and i like things that look nice.

plus notepad++ sometimes breaks down for me anyway and i’m annoyed at its light theme that doesn’t dare touch the dark side, so i’ll probably switch to vsc purely for aesthetic .3.

Settings → Style Configurator… → Select theme

it breaks for me.
i’ve tried everything

Vim http://imgur.com/blhlMCx


Thanks for this. I personally prefer VS type IDE over anything purely because of the formatting and the theme and it works pretty well so far.

Hi there. You mentioned you’re not entirely familiar with regexes - perhaps vim-hocon/hocon.vim at master · GEverding/vim-hocon · GitHub would be a good reference if you can’t figure out how to parse something =)


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That’s funny that you’ve been having problems with NotePad++ @Xemiru, I’ve been using it for over 2 years without any issues…
@ekgame As for a microsoft product being better than a opensource project, I don’t know. But I’ll probably download it to see if it really is better. Idk though, I’m fanboying pretty hard over here.


I installed it. I don’t like it. This is how you have to change the settings. At least NotePad++ has a GUI…

Right now, I’m using IntelliJ with a super lightweight setup (No sidebar or tabs, just code window), Is VS:Code worth trying?

I’ve never used IntelliJ, so I can’t really compare, but I imagine that it should be a lot more resource intensive than VSCode.

I would imagine that IntelliJ has a lot of modules and features that it has to load, even if you don’t use them. VSCode appears to be running in top of Electron, so it should be more or less equivalent to having an additional web browser window open.

There is really nothing stopping you from just trying.

VSCode isn’t an IDE. It’s very much like Notepad++.

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I’ll just finish making a teensy weensy plugin then give it a shot.

Bit late to the party and will definitely try this out, but if anyone is interested I’ve made a UserVoice request for them to implement support for it. http://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/293070-visual-studio-code/suggestions/8278107-hocon-syntax-highlighting-support