Home Set Home - A teleportation manager!

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Download link here OR http://homesethome.javaman.net


Have fun!

Edit Sep 23 2021:

This project has not been maintained since 2016. It may or may not work on new Sponge versions; I have no idea. Here is an updated Google Drive link because Drive decided to reset visibility permissions: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8JV91QsDgDmSDczLUlQOGtMVFE?resourcekey=0-CRPNjTVeP-6a9GGGg3i5Tw&usp=sharing

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@poiihy This is my other thread. I programmed this as well over last weekend.

Interesting, but what is the point of the /tp commands? Minecraft already has /tp. Is it meant for players to use?

I often see plugins, usually Essentials type of plugins that do everything, that have commands that do the same thing as Minecraft’s commands. Why is this? Is it so that they can be managed with permissions?

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I just do it so that players aren’t confused by all of the coordinates arguments of the command. I run a server for my friends that has quite a few basic players that want to use /tp, so I try to simplify it for them.

Planning to make an update that uses JSON files instead of java.io.File to save space and make it easier for server admin to edit homes, warps, spawn, etc.

That sounds awfully familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I didn’t realize that there were already plugins for this type of thing. I promise you, all I did was program something for my server and post it. I wish you luck on BLWarps, though!

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Hey @Zirconium, could you teach me how to use JSON? I’m not going to give you my age, but I’m a young programmer, and it seems that the SpongeDocs don’t give any useful information for creating JSON objects and reading from them. Thanks.

Haha That’s completely fine! By all means, keep going! Serializing to JSON in general is not relevant to Sponge (other than serializing Text), so that would not be a topic that would be covered on the docs. I usually use Jackson for JSON serialization and deserialization, but you could also use GSON. I can write up a quick guide to use Jackson a little bit later if you need.

That would be great! I’m exploring the Interwebnets on gson and the org.json objects, etc. However, I would trust you if you say that you use Jackson. Amazing!

Minecraft commands already have permissioins, like minecraft.command.tp

Can you please remove the override for ‘tp’. No need to override minecraft native commands. Bukkit essentials did the same, and it only did cause a hot mess… :’(

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I usually use Jackson for JSON serialization and deserialization, but you could also use GSON.

I’d highly recommend GSON simply because it’s already pulled in as part of your SpongAPI dependency (run ./gradlew dependencies to see this).

I’m aware; I may or may not switch


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I’m sorry for taking so long just to delete a few files in my code. The new updated 1.1 version should be up in a couple of seconds.

New version! v1.1 has been deleted! Yes, I have removed conflict with Minecraft’s own /tp command (although I did keep /tphere just in case you wanted that).

HomeSetHome 1.2 is out! Just recompiled build.gradle to have API 4.0.1.

Maybe you can add Event Strategys.
Like -> http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/homespawnplus/pages/strategy-doc/

I’m not sure that I get the entire usage of such event. Is this for programmers or for server managers?

Thats for Server Owner for better flexible strategies.
You can look on the example config file to view what i mean.