Hostile Mobs not spawning (HermitPack 1.10)

After adding sponge, the overworld, nether, and end are missing some hostile creatures, in the overworld hostiles only spawn in caves (however in RFTools dimensions they do spawn on land), in the nether there are no pigmen or ghasts, and in the end there are no endermen. Also, mob drops seem to be partially broken as when I added Loot Bags they didnt drop, and neither do "Demonic Will"s from blood magic after throwing a rudimentary snare at them. I understand I could play without these features, but it kind of takes away from the feel of having a challenge. I’m already endgame and nothing has really stood in my way. Anyway, spawners work fine and I see the dupe glitch was fixed so hopefully this can be too.

spongeforge-1.10.2-2123-5.1.0-BETA-1879.jar (recommended on the mcforge sponge site)

TickProfiler (Jenkins)
helpme 5.0.0-0.2.2

This is not a public server.

And before you ask, spawn-monsters is true in, and difficulty is 1 (Easy). Also tried on Normal but that didnt work either