Houses Plugin

A house Plugin to buy/sell/rent premade houses. Been looking for this for a long time and I can’t find anything like it. Just like the Plugin ‘Houses’ for Bukkit. A plugin where players could do whatever they wanted to the inside of their homes without ripping down the premade walls. Let me know if any such plugin out there exists for Sponge or if one is being worked on. Really want one for my WIP server. May be even be willing to pay to have one made for me.

I dont believe there is one for premade houses, however there is a plugin that allows the user to buy/sell/rent land, from there they can build houses on it. I am planning on adding feature where they can make houses based on a schematic file.

Renting is not yet in the plugin but will be

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Being able to buy/sell doors in a adventure type world and giving out keys is another module that i plan for my rp plugin. That said: I am working on this plugin, but it’s far far from ready