Housing plugin (rent,sale,buy)

i am looking for a plugin that my players can rent,buy, and sale houses that i have defined in game. a plugin i was using on bukkit and would love this exact same plugin or at least similar is called houses. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/houses

i want to be able to make it so only the player who owns the house may decorate it and place blocks within their defined owned house, yet they cannot break or change anything that was there before they purchased/rented the house

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I am 95% sure there is nothing like this on Sponge currently, and it’s a very specialist plugin, so you may need to pay something to create it. Check the Dev’s Available section of the forum.

Good luck!

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I was working on something like this before i got roped in to something else (get paid for the new project so it took priority).

Essentially my plugin was called land. It would use chunk based sizes (you could have multiple chunks next to one another to create one huge size).

There were a number of land types. However one whole section of land types was dedicated to homes.

Essentially a player would by a predefinded plot. They could then use one of the predefinded building schematics in the plugin (use there own resources > put it in a chest and the plugin will put it in the right place) or build there own. They could then live in it themselves or sell it on and make them the land lord (where the new owners could only place new blocks and destroy there own, the landlord still had full control over the building).

There was also dynamic land types and houses could be a part of that. Essentially a player would by a dynamic land plot and treat it like it was a normal plot. But when they disconnect and reconnect. The plugin will rebuild and replace everything in another dynamic plot (it would take the original one as priority). The benifit to dynamic plots would be that multiple people could own a single plot meaning less time being forced to expand your server by placing your own plots. But it would mean that if two people who own the same dynamic plot, one of them would be moved to another plot.

I got around 15% of the way through. The backend was done, i had to add in the commands, interfaces and the predefinded stuff.

Let me know if you want me to carry it on when i get a chance (current project is a big one so it may take a while)

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I am very interested seems like there is alot of potential with the plugin you are making. My only concern is I have recreated the Pokemon kanto region life size so all of the houses and buildings are already built, I just want to sale the house or rent it out to players and some of the buildings are like giant condos with multiple rooms on different floors but I want to be able to have each room available to buy, is this something your plugin can do or you could add it in? This is something I’m willing to pay for as well.

I am not interested in money for sponge. If i take money for this sort of thing i will treat it like a job and start to hate it.

I could make invisible land types so you wont need to recreate anything. As for floors thats ok as the plugin already allows for multiple land types on a single chunk at different heights.

The problem is the backbone to the whole plugin is the chunk. The rooms need to be in seperate chunks or at least different heights.

I maybe able to do a work around like i would with the hotel land type. Essentially with the hotel land type you would place the entire hotel under a land type. From there you would use signs on doors to say whos room is whos. When a customer comes, they pay and they then get access to all the doors that have a specific key number on. From there they have access to the room(s) like someone who got a house from a landlord.

So i could make a condo landtype that you cover the entire condo in and then from there you would need to specify each and every room. But once that is done it will be ready to use.

Ok that would be awesome and much appreciated! The condos I have have 2 rooms on the main floor then 2 on the upper floor so most likely they are in the same chunk.

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After VillagerShops has it’s WebAPI implementation working I wanted to port a SourceMod RP which would (as part of it) do exactly what you want.

You can define home-zones and link a door to it. Building is restricted for people not owning a key to the door and the door can be locked by key-holders. The door can be bought, sold and named. Up to 5 keys can be given out to friends/clan members for free.

Along with that There was a crime system for PVP that add 2 player factions: citizens and police. The police player are responsible to catch players with high crime (crime is gained by pvping or staying in crime zones) and putting them into jail.

Since a friend of mine is eager to put this kind of plugin on his server I could give this priority. And if some other developer is interested I might put it on git early (although I’m not sure under what license I’ll put it)

I have started work on the plugin again. Turns out it wasn’t as done as i thought. The following needs completing.

  • hotel plots
  • commands
  • building (all)
  • listeners
  • dynamic houses
  • reactions to permissions

Well I wish I knew how to code I would offer. Helping hand haha and both those plugins sound awesome and would do the task for me. (Actually getting into school for coding soon) lol

Normally schools(depending what year) use step up programming language. I.E Scratch or HTML. Normally very simple that can be usful but normally get the developer into other languages.

But thats beside the point. If you want to help. You could design some default buildings for the plugin (i have no imagination when it comes to building minecraft structures). Ideally ones that take up sizes of chunks but it doesn’t really matter. From there you could load it into the plugin or create schematic files from worldedit or something and then send them over.

Right of the bat the plugin wont support schematic files but I do wish to add it for default buildings

Are you still make this plugin? Would be nice…

Ive been working on other things. If i remember i got far on the plugin. But havent looked at it for a while

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Looking forward to it :3

I still am working on other things so dont expect it any time soon.

That’s okay. We will see. Take your time~