How are you hosting this website?

Just curious, how are you hosting this site?

@Squawkers13 wasn’t asking how you host whatever site you have…


This site is being hosted by one of Sponge’s sponsorship partners.

Who are Sponge’s sponsorship partners?

I don’t know if we are ready to disclose that information at this time. When we are ready, that information will be made public.

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Why would that be something to hide? Given the reasons this project needed to be created, sharing that information should be a priority.


Yeah, I agree, but it isn’t my information to share. And you have to understand while things are still being set up and established, it’s not as simple as that. When everything is in place, it will be shared. Technically, this website is being hosted on the same box that Cauldron’s website is being hosted on. It WILL be moved to a new box in the future, and the infrastructure is already being put in place. (It’s possible this has already been done while I was taking a break the last two days).


I was just curious if it was home-hosted or not :expressionless:

Definitely not home-hosted, else this site would have crashed under the load of all the visits we’re getting.


Looks like they’ve been revealed on the homepage now.
Creeper Host & Nitrous Networks


The site isn’t particularly quick though, it sometimes takes ages to load a page.

Before we get the ‘It’s your internet’ thingy, haha, you funny, no, I’m able to load bigger sites with no problems. But hé, this site is just new, it’s normal I guess.

Some of us actually have 100 + Mbit/s fiber optic lines and dedicated server hardware at home.
Which can easily handle this kind of traffic.


Wow. How’d you get that?

Stop that right now! You’re making everyone jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Squawkers13 Google Fiber is one way.

That’s only in 3 cities. :frowning:

I get 120 Mbps down/11 up from Comcast, though the upload would kill any chances of hosting anything big. There are quick ISPs around the country.

I know there is a company in the Seattle area that does 100Mbps up to 1Gbps to the home for apartment buildings.

I had that at my datacenter, but I got relocated due the the airforce and now I left my servers back at my parents.

@Squawkers13 Verizon also offers internet speeds of up to 150/150 mbps.

Isn’t this site hosted by Discourse?