How Block 19 Got Its Name

Back when Minecraft used numeric block and item IDs…


whats wrong with it?

You can use it both the

19 or minecraft:sponge

There is nothing wrong with it, it just the interesting history of the Block 19 name.


It’s just to clear up how the pack got its name, since it is seemingly a magic number.
And BTW, as of 1.8, you can’t use item numbers anymore.

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The community server is named Block 19, not only the pack :wink:

i run a 1.8.9 server with pixelmon 4.2.3 i needed a certain block and wasnt able to get it out off the creative inventory in this case command block wich has the id off 137 i did type /i 137 and received a stack off 64 command blocks so how are id numbers being disabled?

“/i” works the same as “/give” wich is the default minecraft vanilla command i tried it i n SP and MP

That’s something else doing that. In vanilla, your only option is /give @p command_block.

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nope i used /give @p 137 :wink: i cant remember the names like command_block or minecraft:command_block

i allways use the id number like 5 for stone 45 brick stone etc

Then another command is overriding /give. Essentials always did that in Bukkit. Try /minecraft:give, and see if that produces the same result. And if you can’t remember a name, you can always press tab. I don’t understand how numeric ids are easier to remember than the literal name of the block. And anyway, Minecraft made the switch in order to support moving away from numeric ids, allowing infinite blocks and no id conflicts.

dyslexia is a big part in me of not remembering typing long commands right as you could notice in my posts wich have lots of fails in them, Wich makes numbers alot easier for me :wink: