How can I change Block Harvest Speed?

I want to give players a temporary boost to harvesting speed or damage dealt. For example /rageMode would give 2x damage and 0.5 block break time for time. For this I assume I should intercept InteractBlockEvent and InteractEntityEvent and if the player has the buff alter some something. What I cannot seem to figure out is what I need to alter or how to access it. Please let me know what I should be looking for.

I know in Forge there’s literally an event that does exactly that (PlayerEvent.BreakSpeed), but there’s no such event in sponge.
What you could do is play around with potion effects, PotionEffectTypes.MINING_FATIGUE could be applied to slow down the speed and PotionEffectTypes.HASTE can be used to speed it up.
you could apply the effect when the player hits the block (InteractBlockEvent.Primary) with a short duration and remove the effect on ChangeBlockEvent.Break