How can I make an alias for a command?

I was curious if there is (or is going to be) a plugin that allows me to make an alias for certain commands (so for example, /give could be executed as /g or /obtain, etc…)
Please respond with your thoughts.
Thank you!

There is a search button in the upper right corner…
search for “alias” and you’ll find a lot of plugins to choose from ^^

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I think there are currently two alias plugins available:


Thanks! <3
Always wanted an alias xD

It might be a bit more versatile that what you need it for, but I think I’ll add my own concoction into the mix.

Using this, it’s a breeze to add multiple aliases, commands, cooldowns/costs, and even introduce your own arguments if you so desire. Best of all, the arguments are type verified - you’ll never end up in a ‘limbo’ situation where some commands fail while others execute.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, I’d be happy to assist with setting up a script to do what you described above.

I’ll use the Wiki to my best ability and if I’m really havinga tough time, I’ll ask you :slight_smile:
Thank you!