How can i reconnect user to another server by Sponge?

Do Sponge support user reconnect between different servers on one ip but on different ports?
For example i have lobby server and game server
Can i release by Sponge API user redirect from lobby to game server?

I believe you need something called Bungeecord for this.

Yea, think so
But i want to relase it simpler that Bungeecord
There’s too much unnecessary code
So i thought mabe Sponge supports sending custom packages by api

Ah ok. I believe you can send custom packets from the sponge api as they do have a wrapper for netty. Take a look at this.

The Minecraft protocol does not support sending players to other servers. BungeeCord works by acting as a Minecraft server that players connect to, and then sending its own player connections to the real server, and forwarding all the data. Then when the player is made to change server, BungeeCord’s fake player disconnects from the server it was on and connects to the new server, while the real player connected to the proxy server gets told that it’s changing world.
Bungee is not ‘unnecessary’. The only way to run a multi-server network is to use proxies that reinterpret server changes as world changes, and Bungee is the only one I know of.

There’s also Waterfall and HexagonMC, although both of those are based on BungeeCord. I’d recommend using one of those if you plan to use Forge mods.